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Shadow Of Fire

Shadow Of Fire

By MobTouch Studio

Category:Action Game   |   Version:1.2   |   Updated:2015-08-19

Device : Pad or Phone


Gun Shoot War is a very interesting, elegant 3rd person shoot game.
Fear is more dangerous then thunderstorm or seas of blood.Fear comes from brain towards the vain of heart,millions of cells inside brain cells thinking of danger which comes forth of a player.Shadow of fire is a legend of a solider that is resounded by a war that he has to face, A Rifle is in his hands that will protect him from the solders.Limited ammunition to compete the mission,Find your mission goal and need to complete it fast.
Find your enemies by using zoom camera and shoot them from a distance to complete your game mission.Each level has around 10 targets and 90 seconds to shoot each one. Can you shoot them all with your sniper rifle before time runs out?
Share:You can share this game over the social media like Facebook etc .*****FEATURES*****
1)Two different characters for the game play.
2)Latest Rifles have been added.
3)Advance AI of opponent players added.
4)Player joystick controller is added.
5)Different mission have been introduced.
6)Better animations of player and enemies introduced.
7)Better camera controller.
8)Full 3D graphics engine perfected to run on mobile devices.
9)Game control convenient, slide the left half of the screen to control walking, the right half of the screen to adjust the direction of the slide. ****How To Play*****
**Move your figure in the diction to aim your enemies..
**Use minimum bullets to complete your mission .
**Use joystick pad in order to move your player.
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