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Hide and Seek Mini Game

Hide and Seek Mini Game

By Survival Games Studio

Category:Casual Game   |   Version:C3   |   Updated:2015-04-07

Device : Pad or Phone


Welcome to the world of Hide and Seek Mini Game. Get ready to whoop some butt as you cross paths with merciless prisoners, prison guards, muggers, and others, all across amazing 3D pixel maps. Dynamic action is yours in this hit FPS world. battle across three unique combat scenarios. Each level features new ways to kill enemies in addition to epic modern day weapons: exploding barrels! Use these interactive surroundings to strategically blow past several enemies at once and progress through the mission. However you deal damage, do it with gusto. These villains deserve every blow you deal 'em!STORY
People are disappearing. Children and old people, lovers, drunkards, people walking their dogs or criminals hiding from cops. No one is safe....Archeologists find the remains of a machine that has yet to be invented in the hands of a human skeleton. While taking to the lab to study, a young archeologists mistakenly activates the technology. The screen flashes to life: "We've started over (again). Our new reality. Our new memories. Our new bodies. And we'll get it right this time." The archaeologist is terrified, worried he's prompted the start of the world's end, but the words flash once, twice, then the screen goes blank. Nothing happens. Relived, the man hurries on with his task. Weeks later and that's when the world begins to suffer a strange Revelations-style attack on its population. At first, authorities chalk it up to missing persons cases, but as the numbers of those disappearing grow by the day, a state of panic and chaos ensues. With these cataclysmic events brings with it a rise in crime as those left behind raid and pillage, desperate to survive against one another. It will take one, a hero amongst them to bring peace and seek the hidden cause of this growing curse. This hero is you.
This completely addicting game features epic maps to play and dominate, each with their own exciting challenges. Battle to the death against desperate foes. Go to war in this survival arena and face ruthless foes and dangerous obstacles. In this block based world, you will start out unarmed, and to fight the mobs that have come to attack, you will need to locate and equip any melee or firearm weapon you can find. In addition to these hidden weapons, ammo variety and health packs can be collected through the maps, but these perks won't be around for long as each map increases in difficulty for a most extreme challenge. Challenge your skills as you protect yourself with wits, quick reflexes and strategy. Can you handle the heat?
WARNING: BEWARE OF LEVEL SIZE This epic FPS game is jam-packed with supreme fighting action and MASSIVE landscapes. As such, load time can often take awhile. We ask that you don't penalize Hide and Seek Mini Game with a one-star review. After all, this is a FREE game. The scope of the map is a challenge unto itself, so just look at those few seconds as a breather in between ultimate obstacles, deadly foes and breathtaking pixilated scenery. FEATURES:
*Entity map
*Aggressive combat
*Simple, touch-pad game controls
*Three unique combat scenarios
*Varied and powerful weapons
*Selection of health and ammo pickups
*3D FPS pixel worlds
*Exploding barrels
*Progressive difficulty game play

DISCLAIMER: Hide and Seek Mini Game is not associated with Mojang AB and its pixel cube game Minecraft - Pocket Edition, nor does it use any textures or skins associated with the Minecraft game.


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